Our Mission

My purpose is to:

  • Enable you see excellently with a light comfortable solution.
  • Make you an expert in your own eyes.
  • Understand the options available to give you the best possible vision.
  • Introduce you to the new lens technology.
  • Give you true High Definition vision.
  • Provide Professionalism, Expertise and Service
  • Look after You and your Families vision.
  • Make an eye test a happy comfortable experience.

Quality and Technology

  • Introduction to superior visual quality lenses.
  • The type of lens does make a clarity difference.
  • Specialized coating make lenses as scratch resistant as the old glass lenses.
  • Computer assisted examination techniques do away with confusing choices.
  • Four Optometrists to provide you with all aspects of professional advice. Lenses can have High Vision Long Life coatings with 3-year guarantee
  • We don’t sell you glasses, we provide you with great specs that you are happy and comfortable with.
  • All our products go through strictest quality control and provide best in field superior optics.
  • Latest world class digital manufacturing techniques used to manufacture our lenses.
  • Everything we do comes with a quality and performance guarantee.

High Definition Vision

  • Can you see better than ever before?
  • The type of lens used determines the quality of your vision.
  • Let us guide you to the solution that makes you see best.
  • Introduction to High Definition Vision with superior multi coatings.
  • Learn about your choices in lenses that allow you to see clearer.
  • Help eliminate direct glare.
  • Eliminate reflections from lenses to enhance vision up to 40%
  • Polarization available to reduce reflected glare.
  • Thin lenses with superior optics to the edges.


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Free QnA with Sir Nicholas

  • Ever wondered why you suddenly can't read at close?
  • Can my thick glasses be made thinner and lighter?
  • I can't see at night. What can be done?
  • I can't see anything far away but my vision is perfect at close.
  • I am getting headaches. Should I see an Optometrist?
  • These questions and similar that you really need to know and keep you awake at night can now be answered by having a free Q&A session with Sir Nicholas.

    Note: It’s only free if you live or work within 100kms of Fourways