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Nov 12
Lenses for computer strain, headache, fatigue, symptoms   Lenses for computer strain Spectacle lenses are no longer only for visual impairment. They can now help you with computer or study strain taking away fatigue and sore eyes and even headaches and allowing you to work longer and remain fresher.   You don’t have to visit […]
Nov 12
Multifocal contact lenses, extended wear, disposables   Multifocal contact lenses “Multifocal Contact Lenses” that work!! Gone are the days of the monocular syatem where you had to use one eye for distance vision and the other eye for reading vision. Now we have multifocal contact lenses that really work. The launch of these multifocal contact […]
Nov 12
Confusing eye tests Virtually every patient that comes into me complains about “confusing eye tests” People can rest easy now as confusing eye tests are now a thing of the past. How is this possible you might ask and what has happened to change this confusing element with eye tests? Well actually the confusing was […]
Oct 12
Why use Multifocals for Reading People often ask what “multifocals” are exactly, and how the can help improve their “reading” ability Well, anywhere after the Age of 35 the crystalline lens inside the eye looses it ability to contract to focus the eye for reading. This is what most people experience as having to hold […]
Oct 12
Designer Eyewear – Spectacle Frames and Lenses for more than just Vision “Designer Eyewear” is one of the last remaining, affordable designer items available to us these days.  Think about all the most famous designers in the world, each putting their creativity together to produce outstanding spectacle frames – The results are more often than […]


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