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Your quality of vision actually varies according to the quality of your lenses.

There are certain basic things that give you High Definition Vision.

  • The basic lens has to be of a high quality and there are various solutions to achieve this.
  • Aspheric and double Aspheric are digital manufacturing terms that are the key to lenses that give you stable and consistent vision in all areas of that lens.
  • This becomes exceptionally noticeable in the higher powers where all kinds of distortions can appear.

Lenses made from higher refractive index materials make your lenses much thinner, look better and let you see better too. There are many types of high refractive material that lenses can be made in. The material type needs to be carefully paired with the prescription type to give you the optimal design.

The Anti Glare non-reflective multicoating technology (ARC) that is also available for all lenses, gives you the cherry on top by eliminating glare and all unwanted reflections giving you true HD Vision (High Definition Vision which is some 40% improved)

But that’s not all it does. The multicoating also cuts out all damaging UV radiation, which is a major cause of cataracts. It makes the lenses as scratch resistant as the old generation of glass lenses and is hydro-Phobic (rain just runs off) and anti-static (doesn’t collect dust) as well

Imagine having specs, which have invisible lenses! That’s exactly what it looks like.

No more power rings, no more funny stares.

 Don’t ever take it for granted that you are automatically getting the best available.  What do they say about assuming anything?


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