About Us

Sir Nicholas Rose has been helping people with their eyesight for the last 30 years.

Always being a lover of technology he uses the latest computerised eye examination techniques

He and his 3 associate Optometrists at Fourways create a welcoming professional and reassuring atmosphere where quality and service are the recipe for their success.

His focus is on High Definition quality vision.

  • Do you wish you could see better at night?
  • Do oncoming headlights blind you? Do you hit every pothole?
  • If you are short sighted, astigmatic or farsighted you know what bad vision is all about.

Well, help is at hand with ARC coated spectacles that will correct any visual error you might have and  give you vision like never before.

  1. We start with the comprehensive eye examination where any fault in focus is determined and corrected.
  2. We then choose a startling  frame where you will be the envy of all your friends.
  3. And then we manufacture thin Anti reflection coated lenses in your personalized prescription and voila…it takes a few days to make but when you get it the world will look like a different place.

These lenses will work for daytime, computer use and in fact are the everyday lenses that you always wanted.

We Provide:

  • High Definition Vision…when ordinary is not good enough
  • Preventative Optometry….can your eyes be stopped from getting worse?
  • Reading Vision Assistance… No, you are not going blind.
  • Distance Vision Improvement…See all the far detail you used to miss.
  • Eye health investigation… cataract advice, retinal health etc
  • Glaucoma testing…you cannot afford not to do this.
  • Computer vision advice…how to make things easier for you.
  • Visual strain and related headache assessments.
  • Advanced wide view Multifocals… there is a really good one.
  • Contact lenses for sports…. Instant vision without discomfort
  • Free Multifocal contact lens trials…at last one that really works.
  • Free Drivers Vision assessment and provision of necessary certificate.
  • Sunglass advice for sports….there’s a lot to having the right frame and tint.



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Free QnA with Sir Nicholas

  • Ever wondered why you suddenly can't read at close?
  • Can my thick glasses be made thinner and lighter?
  • I can't see at night. What can be done?
  • I can't see anything far away but my vision is perfect at close.
  • I am getting headaches. Should I see an Optometrist?
  • These questions and similar that you really need to know and keep you awake at night can now be answered by having a free Q&A session with Sir Nicholas.

    Note: It’s only free if you live or work within 100kms of Fourways